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Homo sapiens, so heißt unsere Art - und wir sind eine Schöne. Die Menschheit lebt seit Tausenden von Jahren auf diesem Planeten und es dauerte eine lange Zeit, bis unsere wahre Schönheit ans Licht kam. Das innere Leben des Menschen, unser Seelenleben, nimmt heute mehr denn je Platz in unserem gemeinsamen gesellschaftlichen Leben ein. Eine unserer großen Errungenschaften, die uns immerfort ein Stück Seele als auch Erinnerung gibt, ist die Fotografie. Und mehr als das, hängt heute die Schaffung unseres eigenen Selbstbildes stark damit zusammen.

Menschen im Fokus

Publication &


Time for impression, enjoyment for the eyes and the touch of the soul. Photography and art surrounding us everywhere. But we do not allow always so much room for this. Linger and slide along in an snapshot. Let yourself a little for a other perception and extend the yours. Presentation in galleries give the right environment for that. Time for impression and - the impression of the time.

Website composing

Photography & Website Design


Modernity is modernizing itself.
With the possibiltes of today it's already possible for the single individuums to create, design and manage a entire website by herself or himself.  Website builder by Wix or Wordpress are providing a magnificent potential on this for a much smaller budget. We offer the entire creation of websites for smaller businesses with the photography inclusive.

Documentation & Expedition

coming in 2020

More than a picture of you and me is the photography which appears in our daily life in form of pictures in the newspaper, magazines, in the internet, in books and many other. Often in these cases more than a simple picture or amount of pictures is required - a entire planing in a investigativ way is expected.


As a fine frame to a painting, even one from eminent hand, adds something, I don't know what - strange, enchanted - by separating it from nature immensity

- Charles Baudelaire

The Artshop offers a range of products from aluminum prints, postcards, oil paint prints until traditionally frameworks.

About me

Jean Moineau, Photographer & Artist, born in the north of Germany.

„Photography, that’s something ever impressed me.  It impressed me, that I could stop the entire world with just one click. It impressed me that I even could stop what is inside of this world - our world.
And it impressed me more than everything,
that I can let you see the world - like I do.
I hope to impress you.“



Fabrikstr.10 - 66996 Ludwigswinkel - Germany

 mail@jean-moineau.eu  |  Tel: +49 176 6577 0023

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